The GFC is running in reverse, but why didn't we see this coming? Plus insights from rent data, and a price check on aisle services
Some reflections on SBV (that haven't already been made everywhere all the time), plus GPT charts, freight charts, and labor charts
Are consumers getting complacent? Hopefully not because things are definitely not the same as before
Plus charts about Nike, Lululemon, Docker, parabolic growth and the slow death of cable
Plus a wrong prediction finally becomes right, asides about India, the cost of capital in motion, and savings still in excess
There’s at least one thing that ChatGPT can’t do, plus beer, breakfast, and satellites
Missing teachers, missing deposits, and an unfortunate similarity between EVs and Crypto
Unintended consequences of the green machine create opportunity for the far-sighted. Plus, the new jobs report tells us nothing, or perhaps something…
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